Another Round: Petition Signatures Turned In

Another Round: Petition Signatures Turned In

The group Graham Wet...It's Time is more confident that they will be able to force a vote to allow alcohol sales in southern young county. Early Friday morning 1,260 signatures were turned into the Young County Elections Administrator. Mike Elmore of Graham Wet...It's Time says these signatures represent the people.

"About 16 days you had 1,260 people come forward and say we want this on the ballot," said Elmore.

Lacinda Hutto is one of those in the southern Young County that does not want to see this item go to the ballot.

"This town has been dry for as long as I've been here and I just don't want it to be wet. I've just seen it destroyed so many peoples lives and a lot of it was my family," said Hutto.

Elmore said that selling beer and wine in the county would boost the economy and bring in thousands of tax dollars. Unlike Hutto, Elmore believes that allowing alcohol sales would lower alcohol abuse within the area.

"The gloom and doom just does not happen," said Elmore.

Hutto said she worries her town will change in a negative way.

"To me, I just don't see a bunch of violence here like in other towns that are wet I just don't want it here," said Hutto.

If and when the signatures are verified the item would be approved by the Young County Commissioners and put up for the November 4th election.

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