New Rash of Robberies

New Rash of Robberies

In the last two weeks, five establishments in Wichita Falls have been victims of robberies.

This included Fas-Pac, Exxon, Howard Johnson, Brook Avenue General Store, and 5th Street Discount Store.

The last three robberies have occurred in the past three days, all of them in broad daylight.  The 5th Street Discount Store was victimized on Thursday and on Friday, almost 24 hours apart.

Overall, Wichita Falls is at a similar amount of aggravated robberies as  last year.  Newschannel 6 spoke with the Wichita Falls Police Department to find out why this is happening so often.

"The opportunity is out there," explained Wichita Falls Police Department PIO Jeff Hughes. "A lot of times the opportunity could play a part in the increase, as well as the financial strain."

As to the possibility that any of these crimes are connected, Hughes said, "Our investigators are taking a look at all the cases to see if they are related, but at this point its just too soon to tell."

Officer Hughes also has some advice for businesses to combat these increased threats to security.

"As far as the convenience stores go or other businesses go, if you have somebody come onto your property, and they look around and they may be looking for security cameras, or they look around and they walk out, that should be suspicious. Give us a call, let us come and check that out, or if they come in and start asking security type questions, let us know."

Hughes is asking all businesses to make sure they are locking their doors, using their lights, and utilizing security cameras and alarm systems if applicable.

Dave Caulfield, Newschannel 6