UPDATE: Bowie Police Chief Fired

UPDATE: Bowie Police Chief Fired

New information is surfacing regarding the reasons for the termination of Bowie Police Chief David Scruggs. Documents obtained from the city's attorney were made available after filing for a Freedom of Information Act request.

Scruggs was terminated on the accusation of theft and harassment of another employee, according to FOIA documents. Those documents said that correspondence was exchanged between Scruggs and another city employee, and that information was found on his computer. 

The content of that exchange could not be made public because of the nature of the material, according to FOIA documents. However, that material did play a role in his termination.

Scruggs was also seen parked outside the city employee’s work place, according to documents. However, information on the theft has been turned over to the Texas Rangers. 

Scruggs served as Bowie Police Chief for 19 years before his termination on January 23, 2014. After six months of searching for a replacement, the new Bowie Police Chief, Guy Green, was selected. City officials and Scruggs have declined to comment on the situation.  

Brittany Costello, Newschannel 6