WF Officer Involved Shooting

WF Officer Involved Shooting

Wichita Falls Police Officer Scott Poole was placed on administrative leave after shooting a suspect who later died.

WFPD said that officer Poole was making his rounds patrolling the bars on North Scott Street when he discovered an active assault. Witnesses told Poole that 34 year old Armando Aleman, a known gang member, had pistol whipped a rival gang member in the parking lot outside one of the bars. Officer Poole tried to chase down Aleman, who ran across the street, tossing a handgun in a vacant lot.

"Officer Poole caught up to the suspect, at which the suspect turned and pointed a second handgun at Officer Poole. Officer Poole then discharged his handgun, striking the subject one time," said Public Information Officer Jeff Hughes.

Officers tried to perform CPR on Aleman until First Responders arrived on scene. Aleman was pronounced dead at 2:37 a.m. in the hospital.

This is the third officer involved shooting for the WFPD in 2014. Sargent Spragins said that this is not the first time WFPD has had multiple officer involved shootings in such a short time. Spraings said he himself has been involved in these deadly situations.

"I was involved in a stretch where we had four in six months and I was the third one of the four so I understand," said Sergeant Spragins.

All WFPD officers are constantly training and retraining so they know when to use force and how much.

"Within the last month we had a school in here that dealt with communications, but also in these officer deadly force situations," said Spragins.

Officer Poole has been placed on administrative leave. The Criminal Investigation Section and the Office of Professional Conduct will conduct the investigation. The case will then go to a Wichita County grand jury picked by the district attorney's office.

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