Aquatic Center Progress

The multi-million dollar Burkburnett Family Aquatic Center is making steady progress.

In May of 2013, Burkburnett residents approved to have the Family Aquatic Center built.

Newschannel 6 crews visited Tommy Thornton Way in Burkburnett and saw the area for the pool dug out, the beginning stages of the wells that will be used to fill the pool in place and a concrete slab that now covers where the old Burkburnett Municipal Pool once stood.

"We've completed some utility work and as you see behind me, we're still in the dirt work phase and they're working on all of the underground utilities and working on pouring foundations  for both the bath house and the pump station," said City Manager for Burkburnett, Michael Whaley.

The pool at the Burkburnett Family Aquatic Center will initially take 300 to 350 thousand gallons of water to fill.

"The city of Burkburnett will be using 0-percent of our potable water system to do that we've drilled a water well on site and we'll use that water well to fill and to recharge the pool once its completed," said Whaley.

The Burkburnett Family Aquatic Center is expected to be complete for the upcoming swimming season in May of 2015.

"We estimated about $4.4 million for the project and the contract came in at $3.9 million, so we're actually under budget from the original estimation," said Whaley.

When Burkburnett residents approved for the Aquatic Center to be built, they also approved for an increase in their taxes.

A home valued at $100 thousand in Burkburnett, will have $50 per year tax increase.

Mega Prime Contractors, a company based out of Arlington, Texas was awarded the bid to build the Burkburnett Family Aquatic Center in early 2014.

, Newschannel 6