HHH 2014: Hospitality

HHH 2014: Hospitality

There are 36 more days until the Hotter 'N Hell Hundred 33rd Annual bike ride and race here in Wichita Falls.  With over 15,000 riders expected to be in attendance, host homes are needed.

“The host homes are very important to the riders.  It gives them a place to sleep that is comfortable, gives them a place to shower and clean up.  It keeps them out of tents and sleeping bags out along the river where the mosquitoes are terrible and the ground is rocky," said Host Home Coordinator for HHH, Marie Libby.

Host Homes are families in Wichita Falls and surrounding areas that will take bike riders in that have no place to stay for HHH.

“They can call me, we’ll play 40 questions.  I’ll get all of their information and then when the riders call, I will match them up with two or three homes and give them the numbers and they will call the homes and speak to them," said Libby.

Not only has Libby hosted five people in her home for the Hotter 'N Hell Hundred, but she also developed some friends along the way.

“There has never been a shortage of people volunteering in the city or surrounding areas.  I keep getting people from Nocona, Gainesville and Vernon," said Libby

Riders will be town August 22


, Friday evening until after the race on Saturday, August 23


. The shortage of hotel space in Wichita Falls has made host homes an option for riders.

“Riders come back to the same family year after year," said Libby.

If you have a spare room, empty apartment, R-V or any other option currently in use, you can be a host home.

For more information, contact Marie Libby at (940)-723-2741.

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