Dangerous Driving Conditions

Dangerous Driving Conditions

One man is dead after his car crashed into a tree, tearing the automobile in half and ejecting him from the vehicle. The deceased was identified as 19 year old Anthony Sanders. Sanders was traveling westbound in the 1100 block of Kell West when it is believed the wet road conditions combined with high speed caused him to lose control of his car.

Sanders death is the eighth car crash in Wichita Falls where someone has lost a life. His death was the only one to occur in the nearly flood like conditions Thursday morning.

Another car hydroplaned off of Windthorst Road crashing into a ditch that flood the vehicle. One man was sent to the hospital. Another car was trapped in water after trying to drive down an already barricaded and flooded East Scott Street.

Police, Firefighters and emergency crews were busy most of the morning. Wichita Falls Battallion Chief Mike Davis said many misjudged what the water could do for their safety.

"The force of rushing water can push a car and has very often so if you don't know don't go," said Smith.

Captain Joe Jackson showed that the department is ready for those who do happen to get trapped. With multiple throw ropes that can stretch up to 100 feet, and a ladder that can stretch just as far, Jackson said the department can save almost anyone if need be. Jackson does caution people to be smart when dealing with the wet weather.

"Just bear in mind how many fatalities we make each time that a car spins out of control and hits a guard rail, hits another vehicle," said Jackson.

There were no other major accidents through the rest of the day.

, Newschannel6