Go Fund Holliday

A Holliday resident started a GoFundMe campaign Thursday to help raise money to build Community Park.

The city of Holliday is like many Texoma towns small, quiet and full of life.

Cache, 13, and Nathanial, 12, spent Thursday afternoon playing basketball at the Methodist Church court, the closest thing they have to a park.

Holiday secretary, Marie Balthrop said, "There's just nothing here. You have to go to Wichita Falls and that's not convenient for some folks. If you are a young child that's not driving, it's kind of a hard to get there without your parent."

In Holliday there's a Kiddie Park, geared to younger children, a basketball court, and if you drive around you can't miss kids on bikes, skateboards and scooters.

The city's Parks and Recreation Committee has been trying to raise $400,000 since 2008 to build a community park.

"We gathered about $70,000. During the last several years the Parks & Wildlife Outdoor Recreation grants have not been funded. We were kind of at a standstill," said Balthrop.

The City is now in the process of applying for a grant. It's an $800,000 grant with a 50-50 match.

Lucas Kellison, a resident of Holliday sees the importance of the park. Thursday he started a GoFundMe.com campaign to help.

"He was interested because he has three small children here in our community and he wants to help us get a park," said Balthrop. "He set that up as another means for people to donate money."

A plan for the park is on paper and there's a vision for its future. But for now sunflowers cover the 17-acre field that will one day be the site of Holliday's community park.

The city has a bank account set up at State National Bank in Holliday, or you could visit GoFundMe.com to

All money collected can only be used for parks and recreation.

Blueprints for the park are already printed. Some of the parks amenities would include a large pavilion, a play area, some picnic tables; covered picnic tables with BBQ facilities, tennis courts, and a one mile walking trail that encompasses the entire park area. It would also have some fitness equipment along the walking trail.

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