Some Cancer Could Go Unnoticed

Some Cancer Could Go Unnoticed

Some Texoma doctors say getting a mammogram doesn't necessarily mean you're covered.

We spoke with the Breast Center of Texoma who said the technology they use to detect cancer could be even better than 3D Mammography.

The Breast Center of Texoma uses Specific Gamma Imaging to identify breast cancer.

Dr. Jerry Myers, a Surgeon at the Breast Center of Texoma, said SGI has a 98% success rate at finding breast cancer. They use this in addition to mammography to study much smaller areas that can go unnoticed by a mammogram.

"Some studies as small as a millimeter to two millimeters, which you just can't get much smaller than

that at diagnosing a breast cancer," said Myers.

"Just about every time it says there's cancer, it is a cancer," said Stephanie Johnston, Director for Breast Center of Texoma.

Dr. Myers said using other techniques to diagnose breast cancer, like an MRI, are more expensive. Saying other mammograms can sometimes pick up things that are not meaningful.

Myers said although the technology works well, some patients find it hard to get insurance coverage. Others can't handle the injection of radionuclide that it requires, but Dr. Myers believes this technology

is one of the best on the market.

Brody Carter, Newschannel six