Nighthawks No More: Team Goes Out of Business

Below is the statement released by the Wichita Falls Nighthawks on their Facebook page Friday (July 18th) afternoon around 4:30 p.m.--

Nighthawks Nation is no more.....

We have pushed along through some rough times and have made it through them all. The latest challenge has been to get past the obstacle of having to break contracts with players. This was a very hard thing to do because we have such great appreciation and respect for our athletes. These athletes have played their hearts out for this team, this city, and most of all for you great fans.

There have been a lot of opinions thrown around lately about us, the Nighthawks, and our players. Before you fall in to the good ol' "American Way" of voicing a loud opinion before you have all the information I encourage you instead to pray for all of those involved. Remember these players were being paid and so that was part of their consideration to play for this team in the first place. You can not know what their situation, family, health, and life is like so you can in no way form an educated opinion on why they chose to stay or leave. Please drop your opinions and pick up your hands instead to pray for all the athletes, their families, and their futures. We will all face difficult decisions in our life and I pray that when you have those times in your life that you may be blessed to have people around you that want to pray for you rather than judge you.

I want you to know that what happens in an organization whether it be success or failure, always starts from the top. We have loved watching our players take the field for 2 years and watching them perfect their craft, sharpen their skills, and play the game they love. When we were financially unable to go any further with players pay and contracts it was at that very moment that it became OUR fault for anything that would go wrong in the future. Not players, not staff, not partners, not fans, but ours and ours alone as owners.

We have given you all everything we have and we are very sorry that we could not do more. We are sorry to see this journey end after only 2 years, we are sorry to see this journey end before the completion of this season, we are sorry to let down Commissioner Charles Thompson, we are sorry to have a negative impact on the GDFL, we are sorry to be a burden to the remaining teams on our schedule, we are sorry if you feel like we have failed our city, but we can tell you that we will forever be fond of the memories that we have all made together. We will always remember, appreciate, and love the athletes, the fans, the sponsors, and all of the people that touched lives for the sake of Nighthawks Nation.

May God Bless you and your family now and forever

Jerry & Michelle Hughes