Gloria Lane Shooting Update

Wichita Falls, TX

--Thursday afternoon in a press conference the Wichita Falls Police Department released its findings in the first officer involved shooting of the year.

Chief Manuel Borrego, Wichita Falls Police Department addressed the media, "It was a deadly force encounter. The suspect Joshua Powell had a couple of prohibiting weapons in his hands particular what are called knuckles. This particular brand they have sharp protruding ends."

Brutus the Bulldog self defense knuckles are what 22-year-old, Joshua Powell had in his hands the night police say he confronted Officer Stephen Ginger, a 10-year veteran on the force.

Ginger fired nine rounds, leaving Powell dead in the 2000 block of Gloria Lane.

Texas state law enforcement considers what Powell had in his hands to be weapons.

"In this case it was not used in self-defense. It was used to attack one of my police officers," said Chief Borrego.

The weapon Powell had was made out of ABS plastic and very inexpensive to buy. Despite its cost, the two weapons he had cost him his life and took Officer Ginger off the streets indefinitely.

On Wednesday officer Ginger went before a grand jury. They determined he committed no criminal wrongdoing. 

Chief Borrego said the WFPD Internal Affairs is also concluding its investigation and its findings revealed Officer Ginger did not commit any policy or procedural violations.

Officer Ginger remains on administrative leave.

, Newschannel 6