Estes, Frank Speak on Water Conservation

Estes, Frank Speak on Water Conservation

The Wichita County Republican Women hosted both Senator Craig Estes and Representative James Frank at its July meeting Monday afternoon.

One of the hot topics of the meeting was the water situation in Wichita Falls, and Representative Frank quantified the water conservation efforts in the city.

"We were using between 25 to 30 million gallons a day, were now using 12 million gallons a day of water," Frank said. "That's the kind of decrease that we have had."

And with the Direct Potable Reuse Project estimated to save about five million gallons per day, the updated amount will be around seven million gallons per day.

However, with Wichita Falls having slightly more than two years worth of water left, disagreement about future efforts of water conservation arose.

Senator Estes praised desalination as "the hope for the future" and "our ace in the hole." Representative Frank, however, questioned the effectiveness of desalination in Wichita Falls.

"If we had this huge supply of salty water underground, we'd be putting in a desal[ination] plant," Frank said. "There is not any that we know of, and there are no big reservoirs."

Both Frank and Estes said they understand the strain that many Wichita Falls residents are feeling with the recent water rate increase. But in this time of drought, it is important to remember that, as Estes says, "expensive water is better than no water at all."

Dave Caulfield, Newschannel 6