WFISD School Choice Changes?

WFISD School Choice Changes?

WFISD is considering changing their school choice policy. On Monday WFISD School Board members discussed what those changes would look like if they were to be passed.

"The main reason we started down this road is to try to answer some of the enrollment problems that we have in some of our schools. After the bond did not pass by the community, we've got to take matters into our own hands as to how to balance out the enrollment numbers with the facilities that we do have," said WFISD Trustee Bob Peyton.

According to a study of WFISD there are many choice problems that need to be addressed in the community high schools.

"The district's high schools are over capacity on a district-wide basis, however the students are not evenly spread throughout the three high schools," according to a MGT study of WFISD schools.

The study showed that Rider High School is 27% above its above functional capacity, while Hirschi High School was 14% below capacity. The district now has the job of making sure students are spread evenly and not picking one school over another.

The new policy labeled "DRAFT E, " said that students would be assigned a zone based  school. If students wanted to go to a school outside of their assigned zone they would have 20 days, beginning in January, to "Opt-Out" and apply for assignment to another school with no guarantee to any particular school.

They're more than just capacity numbers addressing, there are also socioeconomic factors too. School Board trustees all agreed if new lines are drawn they should not be based on societal class.

There is also the issue of athletics and extra curricular. Many of the members worried how a student athlete would be affected if they chose to "Opt-Out" to a school outside their zone.

Before the meeting ended Peyton said the board would try to have a fully drafted and pass choice plan ready before Monday, August 25th.

Jack Carney, Newschannel6