New Voting Proposal In Montague County

New Voting Proposal In Montague County

Elections are still a few months away, but Montague County is getting a head start with a new voting proposal. The new proposal would create universal voting, come Election Day.

That means anyone in the county would be able to vote at any polling location. Currently there are 15 polling locations in Montague County. Those polling location are based on precinct numbers. The residents within the county are assigned precinct numbers, and on Election Day that precinct is the only location you can vote at.

"With the new county widening polling locations we will be able to have a voter go anywhere within the county and vote they're not going to be bound by just their home precincts," said Brandi Shipman, Montague County Election Administrator.

Many times voters are turned away from the polls when they arrive on voting day, if they go to the wrong location.

"It's very hard to turn a voter away," Shipman said.  "It's very hard for the election judges to do that because they want them to be able to vote…that's what they're there for."

The new proposal would cut out six polling locations, but two new mega centers will be added. The mega center will be larger polling locations; they will have 8 to 10 voting machines.

"The only concern that people may have is that their home location is closing but it's not closing, they're just being relocated to somewhere else that I'm hoping to be bigger and better," said Shipman.

A public hearing for proposal discussion is scheduled for July 28, at 8:30 a.m. That same day the Montague County Commissioners will vote whether or not to pass the proposal. If the proposal is passed, a final application will be sent to the Secretary of State office for final approval. If the plan is approved Montague County will have an official answer in early September.

Brittany Costello, Newschannel 6