Water Tickets Like Lake Levels, Low

About $3,000 have been collected in water fines from Wichita Falls residents from November until July.

As we've moved from stage four drought restrictions into stage five drought restrictions, not many Wichita Falls residents have received a water violation ticket on their front doors.

"We're just not seeing big production numbers that we would typically see during the summer, so people are really taking conservation seriously and that's great, said Public Works Director for Wichita Falls, Russell Schreiber.

Only 122 Wichita Falls residents have been fined for water violations. About 11 of those fines came from the month of May when the city entered stage five.

"I think residents have really done their part to conserve," said Schreiber.

The recurring offense for Wichita Falls residents is watering outside.

"Watering outside when they're not supposed to.  Obviously now, there is no outside watering at all and we're finding people who are doing that.  Very few people, but some," said Schreiber.

A first time water violation offender will receive a $25 fine.  This amount does not include court costs.

"There are some substantial court costs that the state requires us to put in there, so I think the first fine in total is $89 or $90.  The second fine is $500 and the third fine can be up to $2000,” said Schreiber.

The Public Works Department for the city will issue the ticket, but it will up to the homeowner to take care of it by going the Wichita Falls Municipal Court.

"By large, we're getting great compliance.  There are a few residents out there that are still slipping through who are getting by that we're not catching, but eventually I think we'll catch them if they continue to do it," said Schreiber.

Even with the continuing drought, the numbers show that Wichita Falls residents are being very conscious of their water consumption.

The majority of the money collected from the water fines goes to the state of Texas, while the rest goes to the city's general fund.

, Newschannel 6