Drought Watch: Graham Water Worries

Drought Watch: Graham Water Worries

If lake levels continue to drop more than 10 feet, then Graham will be unable to use water from its own lake.

Two lakes, Eddleman and Graham, supply the drinking water for Graham and many of its surrounding towns. The raw water pump pulls out of lake eddleman. The pump is elevated 1,055 feet above water, the water surface currently sits at 1,063.

"If it drops about three feet more about ten sixty we would have trouble getting water out of the lake," said David Casteel.

The city has already secured a bid for a temporary water pump that could pull water from the lake to its water treatment plant. It would cost the city $200,000 to set up and operate. However, there is a chance that the city might not have to spend any of the money at all.

"If the good Lord keeps the rains coming then our levels will go up and we will be clear out of this whole mess," said Casteel.

The lake levels at Eddleman and Graham are currently sitting at 43%.

, Newschannel6