Generating Water From (Thin) Air

Generating Water From (Thin) Air

During the dog days of summer, what can really make it unbearable outside is the high values of humidity.

But the moisture in the atmosphere may be able to be used for good, thanks to a water capture system set to come to Wichita Falls.

The company Aqua Sciences specializes in machines that separate the natural moisture out of the air, and convert that moisture to clean drinking water. This water capturing technology has been used before, from the earthquake ridden country of Haiti to the arid climate of Saudi Arabia.

These machines can run off of electricity or a generator, and one machine can produce 5000 gallons of pure drinking water in a day. 

And now, Aqua Sciences are set to bring these machines to Texoma.

"My plan right now is to build an actual water bottling plant in Wichita Falls," says Ben Leonard, the majority stockholder of Aqua Sciences. "We would take two or three units, and bottle and distribute the water."

These plants, called "water farms," take anywhere from three to four months to build. Leonard said that the water capture technology is low cost because of the nature of the machinery, and a gallon jug of this water would only cost one dollar.

All the water that Aqua Sciences makes is approved by the Food and Drug Administration, and depending on the settings of the machine, can come out hot or cold. Aqua Sciences will make an announcement when the machine is in Wichita Falls.

"I plan on setting up a kiosk where people could take a cup and sample the water right on the spot," Leonard added.

Dave Caulfield, Newschannel 6