Costly Veteran Education

Wichita Falls, TX -

Midwestern State University is asking Texas to fully fund a program that provides veterans, spouses, and their children with an opportunity to pursue a higher education.

Chris Koetter, Sports Information Assistant at Midwestern State University believes that veterans greatly benefit from the program.

"Anyway we can assist our veteran's especially getting an education and coming back into the workforce we need to do," said Koetter. "They already have enough hardships as it is coming back readjusting to life here at home and even going through the VA system."

Over the last few years MSU has been waiving veterans and their family member's tuition and fees through the Hazlewood Waiver Program. While the University believes in the program it said 'program participation has placed a financial burden on our institution."  

The University Board of Regents Monday approved to send an appropriations request to the state asking them to fully fund the program.

"It's definitely worth asking for because budgets at a state run universities are tight," said Koetter.

MSU said it has seen a significant increase in the amount of recipients of the Hazelwood waiver.

In 2008, the program provided waivers to 116 students, waiving $271,000 in tuition and fees.

In 2014, the program doubled, waiving tuition and fees for 245 students and costing the university $1.24 million.

The University expects that the program will continue to grow, because of the recent cuts in the military.

"When troop withdrawals come out and wars come to a close. Veterans come home and go to school. When people don't have a job they go to school. It's always about increasing that education level," said Koetter.

By 2016 the university estimates the program will cost them $1.82 million and $2.07 million in 2017.

In a statement provided from the President of the University and Board of Regents, in order for them to continue grow, and provide a quality education without raising tuition prices; help from the state is crucial.

, Newschannel 6