Working Out In Texas Heat

Working Out In Texas Heat

Exercising in temperatures over 100 degrees can become dangerous, especially if you're not paying attention to your body.

Pueblo Boxing, a gym in downtown Wichita Falls, opens up their doors and windows exposing athletes to the outdoor temperatures.

Ben Peer, a boxer, said if you don't hydrate properly, you could experience dizzy spells and even faint.

If you don't take the heat seriously the consequences could be deadly.

"Obviously we sweat more," said Ben. "We want to make sure we're getting the right amount of water. We make sure we're hydrating ourselves and taking the proper amount of water breaks."

The gym can reach over 100 degrees where athletes can sweat through an entire shirt in just five minutes.

"That's the sport and if you don't tire yourself out there's no gain," said Jacob the boxer.

One health professional says it's important to know your limits.

Lovette Robinson, the Director of Nursing at the Community Healthcare Center in Wichita Falls, said if you push yourself too hard you could suffer from heat exhaustion and even have a heat stroke.

"Symptoms include confusion," said Robinson. "Your temperature can go up to 105 degrees or higher, severe headache, loss of consciousness and if it's not taken care of it can lead to death."

Robinson said to drink plenty of water, wear light colored clothing, and get your workout in before the afternoon.

Brody Carter, Newschannel 6