Back To School Health Check

With the kids at home for summer break and school not starting for about another month, now is the best time for them to head into the doctor's office for their physical exam.

"The kids are out of school, so they have more time and parents too have time to bring them in to get their physicals," said PNP at the Community Healthcare Center, Corine Doho.

The last minute, back-to-school rush, isn't the only reason to bring your kids into the doctor's office for school physicals.

"If it's discovered that your child has some kind of illness, maybe you can take care of it so that they can be able to participate in sports.  It's a lot of advantages for getting it early," said Doho.

A physical consists of two parts.  The first part of the physical is the detailed medical history.  The second part of the physical is the exam that checks a child's height, weight, blood pressure and heart rate.

A physical exam is good for an entire year.  For student athletes, in addition to the exam, stretching exercises and injury prevention will be discussed.

"We're really putting it out there to let the parents know that they need to be proactive in taking care of this early enough," said Doho.

Participating in sports and extracurricular activities is a fun and good way to keep kids active, but getting them an early physical before August 25th, will help better detect future issues.

To make your child an appointment at the Community Healthcare Center, call (940)-766-6306.

, Newschannel 6