Holliday School Renovations Ready For School

Holliday School Renovations Ready For School

The new school year is a little more than a month away, but one school district is working hard to have some renovations completed by the first day of school. Holliday Independent School District started on a 15 million dollar bond project in May.

Although the bond is packed with many different goodies for the students to enjoy, new safety features were also on the mind on the school board during planning. The new school will have tornado safe hallways.

Two hallways will keep students safe in an emergency situation; they can withstand an F-4 tornado. The hallways are engineered with concrete blocks filled with cement. Those blocks are anchored to the ground, making the hallway safe in dangerous situations. The hallways fit all the students. That's 200 middle school students, and 280 high school students.

It will really change in terms of the security on the campus,” said Kevin Dyes, Superintendent at Holliday I.S.D.

The school will have cameras, and more control of entrances. At the front door of the school, a monitoring area will be a facility check point for people entering the building. The school is around 50% complete, according to Dyes. The entire project is not expected to be completed by the start of school, but the high school, and junior high renovations are expected to be finished. 

"We have to have the renovations on the junior high and high schools building, because that's where we'll hold classes," said Dyes.

Each new classroom will have new cabinets, energy efficient lights, WiFi, and white boards. A new computer lab will also sit outside the library.

"I think it's going to have a tremendous positive impact on our students, and that was the goal," said Dyes.

In addition to renovations and safety features the school will be more vocationally friendly, according to Dyes. A culinary kitchen will be added, an agriculture show barn, tractor mechanic bays, and classrooms for the Certified Nursing Assistant program.

"We wanted to look at how we were going to make the facilities better for educating students," Dyes said.  "One of the biggest improvements is that we are going to have five science labs."

A new gym is also on the project list.

"Now with two gyms that's going to give us some freedom to change our class schedule some, offer more classes and it really gives us some freedom in terms of scheduling," said Dyes.

The gym is expected to be open by basketball, or district play. Meanwhile, the volleyball team will use the old gym for this season. All projects are expected to be complete by December. "So we are excited there are just a lot of things that go into it that are going to be positive," Dyes said.

Brittany Costello, Newschannel 6