Dirt Racing Back in The Falls

Wichita Falls, TX - The new Red River Speedway grand opening is Friday, July 25 at 8 p.m.

For the last few years the track has been vacant, but new owners purchased the facility.

Mark Moseley, track promoter, said over the past 18-months they have been conducting renovations.

“All brand new restrooms, concession stands down below and grand stands over by the pit side,” said Moseley.

The facility was given a million dollar facelift.  Moseley said they hope to bring dirt racing back to its prime once again in The Falls.

"It was a dirt track years ago and then turned into an asphalt track,” said Moseley. "From the comments and the feedback we're getting from local people. They want to see racing comeback, especially dirt track racing comeback to this area and its going to come back when we drop the green flag on Friday night."

Moseley said they've really focused on making it a family-friendly place to be.

"That's something that's really important to the owner. We kept kids hill, that was one thing that was mentioned to us in the past and that is on the sound end of the race track up above turn one. It’s a hill there and families can bring blankets out and the kids play up on the hill,” said Moseley.

The track is a quarter mile, oval circle track that will host seven different race classes.

Red River Speedway staff said it will not only attract local racers, but people from all around the country.

"We'll have cars coming from several areas from Abilene, the Dallas/Fort Worth area, the Metroplex, Oklahoma City, and some as far as Wichita, Kansas."

Moseley said he expects visitors attending racing events will pump money back into the local economy.

"When you have people coming out to the races, coming from different areas hotels will get rooms. Even by the mall area, the restaurants and stuff over there will see some business from it."

Moseley said it will not only give locals something to do, but also expects it to pump money back into the local economy.

Jimmie Johnson, Newschannel 6