Teen Brings Neighborhood Together

Residents in the Bonny Homes area are coming together after a teen posted a message on its neighborhood watch Facebook page.

Kris Spraggins, 13, sat on a park bench at Loch Lomond Park in Wichita Falls reminiscing on the good old days.

"All the kids use to go over here and fish. Everybody, all my friends. Everybody in the neighborhood. Then everybody started playing football and everybody grew up and nobody can go fish no more," said Spraggins.

In the past few months those days have been overshadowed by a rash of break-ins.

"There were two kids that were breaking into houses crawling in the doggy doors and they got caught," said Spraggins. "One got an ankle bracelet and six months probation and the other one's still in juvy."

Stacy Pinau, a resident, said those increases in burglaries and the theft of  her son's bike prompted her to start a neighborhood watch group. Pinau with help from other neighbors set up a Facebook, as a means to bring residents together  to better their community.

"Anytime anybody notices anything in their alley, in their front yards. If someone doesn't look like they're suppose to be there. Sometimes people kind of post it," said Pinau. "Now more neighbors are getting to meet one another."

Pinau said the Facebook page has been a big hit. And Kris has taken full advantage of it.

Kris recently posted a picture after catching a 7lbs Striped Bass. Then he decided to ask someone to borrow their weed eater to trim around the pond.

Karla Metty, resident, said she could not resist helping.

"I knew he had some good fishing skills and I knew he had a good fishing spot," said Metty. "We started talking through the messages and we thought we ought of invite everybody that wants to come out and help pick up, because we have a great park here and great community."

Once a neighborhood time forgot is now coming together again.

Jimmie Johnson, Newschannel 6