Trash at Lake Arrowhead Grows as Lake Levels Shrink.

Trash at Lake Arrowhead Grows as Lake Levels Shrink.

Trash at Lake Arrowhead is rearing its ugly head as lake levels continue to drop, causing serious safety hazards for people and damaging the ecosystem.

Robert Mauk, Assistant District Fisheries Biologist, said the trash is invasive and it continues to get worse even though summer time recreation is at an all time low.

"The amount of trash that was under the fishing piers was a surprise," said Mauk. "There's really no one assigned to pick up the trash."

And with no one assigned to pick up the trash it's only becoming more of a problem. He said if anyone is responsible for trash pickup, it's the state park.

Mauk said Sheppard Air Force and various community groups have come to help clean up the park and encourages everyone to help.

"Any civic group that would like to do some volunteer work, we would be glad to see them come out," said Mauk.

He understands our wildlife is paying the price but said animals are not the only ones at risk.

"You see the broken glass," said Mauk. "Humans can be injured too. I think it just says something about humans. You can go anywhere in the United States and see the same thing."

Mauk believes the best way to clean up the state park is to take a trash bag and role up your sleeves.

"Anytime you visit a lake, even if you pick up all your stuff, we always encourage you to pick up other people's trash too and make sure it keeps clean and stuff," said Mauk.

Nearly 10,000 acres of water has dried up, exposing 15 miles of lake bed. This makes picking up the trash a daunting task for Texoma.

If you're interested in helping clean-up lake arrowhead, you can call the state park at (940) 528-2211.

Brody Carter, Newschannel 6