JLUS: County Approved

JLUS: County Approved

The Wichita County Commissioners Court adopted a resolution Monday accepting and supporting the Sheppard Air Force Base Joint Land Use Study, Background Report, and Executive Summary and Strategies.

Wichita County Judge Woody Gossom said that the Commissioners Court wanted to follow up and make sure that the land use surrounding Sheppard Air Force Base and the Municipal Airport was not contradictory with flying safety.

"One of the actions we took working with Oncor, with the new power line coming through, was to remove those power lines off the end of the runway that were really a hazard," Judge Woody Gossum said.

The county looked at general land use, and worked with the community of Cashion to make sure that any tall structures that would adversely affect flying safety were not built. The JLUS has also been a catalyst for a number of programs where the city of Wichita Falls and Sheppard Air Force Base collaborate for the better.

"[The city] worked on the sewage plant at Sheppard and helping with that," Gossom said. "There's a program that's working to offer increased busing to military personnel on Sheppard."

An additional program allows Sheppard Air Force Base personnel to use the city's gun range. Gossom realizes that JLUS supports the interests of both local government and the military.

"The kind of things we can do as local government working with the cost of the military operation at Sheppard that don't adversely affect the local government, but reduce that expense for Sheppard...it's just getting a plan together."