Drought Watch Olney Helps Conserve Water

Drought Watch Olney Helps Conserve Water

The Olney city council is doing its part to help conserve water. The city council recently approved a contract change with one of its biggest water users.

Tower Extrusions are one of the top three water users in Olney. The company had a contract with the city that would allow them to purchase 70,000 gallons of non treated water from Olney for daily water use. Tower has told the city it can do the same amount of work with only 50,000 gallons of water.

Olney uses about 300,000 to 320,000 thousand gallons of water a day. This contract revision means that Olney can cut its water use back by 10% to 15%. That means that the city will be saving nearly 18,000,000 million gallons of water a year.

"This would be a huge saving for Olney, it's a small savings for Wichita, but everything that a business or a customer of ours can do reduce our water consumption helps here in Wichita Falls," said Olney Mayor Phil Jeske.

Olney recently received approval from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to look at a second discharge point to treat and recycle waste water.

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