Small Town Big Crime

Small Town Big Crime

Olney has seen a rise in car jackings and home break-ins since late June. Yesterday one woman was nearly robbed of her TV, but said her sense of safety was stolen.

Olney is "Cub County" and Olney Police Chief Barry Roberts said his officers are bearing down on crime. In fact, Roberts had to respond to a robbery Monday.

"It was a brother and sister that live beside each other. He took his handgun and went next door to go check what's going on. He caught a young man, an eighteen year old man, walking out of the house with a big flat screen TV," said Roberts.

Kelli Cobb said that if her brother had not seen the incident and taken action the TV might never have been found. Cobbs brother is a concealed handgun license, CHL, holder. She said she's grateful, but still scared and shaken by the incident.

"I thought it was a joke so I get in my truck and I get here. When I come around the corner my brother is standing there with the young man at gunpoint," said Cobb.

That young man was later arrested and charged with burglary of a habitation. Cobb said the police response was fast, but she would advise others to be armed and get their own CHL. Roberts said all residents should be looking out for suspicious activity.

Jack Carney, Newschannel6