Grand Disaster?

In less than a month many riders that participate in the Hotter' N Hell Hundred, Wichita Falls premier bike event will take over area hotels.

Over the years many riders stayed at the New Grand Hotel, but come August that may change.  

Since December the hotel has been closed after failing to meet health code inspections and letting its lodging permit expire. In the last couple of months Newschannel 6 has reached out to the hotel and city officials about the hotels status with renovations.

The hotel insists it will be ready for one of the nation's biggest bicycle events, but if you take a walk inside you may think otherwise.

Newschannel 6 visited The New Grand Hotel Tuesday to speak with management about its repairs and its entrance was filled with pans, buckets and garbage cans with standing water dripping from its ceiling.

Throughout the hotels closure, it has always said its biggest concern was to repair its roof.

In June, Newschannel 6 talked to Ken Goodwin, the hotel's general manger. He told us that their goal was to be open on July 27.

Two days after its estimated deadline, work still needs to be done; meanwhile riders who pre-booked rooms still aren't sure if they will have a room to lie their heads come Aug. 23.

In Newschannel 6 attempt to get more information about The New Grand Hotel, we submitted a Freedom of Information Act with the city of Wichita Falls.

We are still waiting on that info that should give a detailed outline on where the hotel stands in its renovations.

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