Food Bank Struggles While Trying To Expand

Food Bank Struggles While Trying To Expand

New programs are being expanded at the Wichita Falls Area Food Bank, draining resources and man power.  We spoke with Food Bank leaders to learn more about the expansion and how that growth

is affecting business.

Mark McKethan, Chief Executive Officer at the Wichita Falls Area Food Bank, said it's primarily a financial strain. The plan is to expand their backpack and kids cafe program, which gives children a guaranteed meal and a snack every day.

"We did a survey last year that showed about 25 percent of the children that benefit from our 'Kids Café,' benefit because that would be their last meal of the day," said McKethan.

He said keeping up with the demand has been difficult.

"We see food moving a lot quicker around here," said Operations Manager, Wendell Griffin. "As soon as we see it, it's moving out the door."

McKethan said summer is their busiest season.

"One of the biggest issues we face this summer with school out is the lack of meals available for children who would normally have two meals during the school year, breakfast and lunch," said McKethan.

McKethan understands that 1-in-4 children suffer from food insecurity.

"Your next door neighbor could be going hungry and you don't even know it," said Mckethan.

McKethan believes that the increasing unemployment rate is also a reason for why even more families have to reach out to the food pantry, and both employees invite anyone that is willing to help the less fortunate.

"Well they can donate food or money," said Griffin. "They can even volunteer their time because we always need volunteers here."

You can help people struggling with food insecurity by calling the Wichita Falls Area Food Bank at

(940) 766-2322


Brody carter, Newschannel 6