Wichita County Considers Universal Polling Locations

Wichita County Considers Universal Polling Locations

Wichita County is hoping to make voting easier for residents, by switching to a universal polling system. The new change does away with precincts. That means residents would have the opportunity to vote at any location regardless of assigned precincts.

The idea had been floating around for year, according to Wichita County officials.  They’ve decided to make a move on the idea this year, in hopes of having everything complete by next year’s elections. 

"I think it would actually help," said Lori Bohannon, Wichita County Clerk. "if you work in Wichita Falls and you live in Burkburnett, and you didn't go vote that morning before you came to work, you could go vote."

Before the applications process can start the county has to come up with 1.5 million dollars for new electronic polling equipment. The Wichita County Judge said the money for this would come from financing. Using either a local institution, or a company they go through for the equipment.

The changes would also mean cutting down on polling locations.

"There are 34 as of right now we could go down to…I believe we had it figured up to 18," Bohannon said.

With universal polling use there wouldn't be a need for the same amount of polling locations.

"Right now the plan is at very early stages. To get this going, first of all we have to get the committee together, so we're in the very beginning stages of it," Bohannon said. "Nothing is in writing, nothing is actually done."

This comes after another Texoma county is shooting for the same objective. Montague County hopes to have this system, up and running by elections this year.

Brittany Costello, Newschannel 6