Bowie Budget Session

Bowie Budget Session

It's not black or white, it's black or red for the Bowie City Council. The difference between staying in and out of debt is all based on if the council will approve a tax increase.

Before Wednesday night the Bowie city leaders had considered cutting all benefits of the towns six part time employees. A savings of roughly $53,000 dollars. However, the mayor and the majority of the other city councilors approved a make one part time employee, full-time and keep the benefits of the remaining five part time employees.

As it stands Bowie is $64,000 in the black. However, that's only if city councilors approve a water rate increase, an estimated value of $120,000. Without that tax increase the city would be roughly $55,000 in debt.

The city will vote on that tax increase during their next session Tuesday August 5th.

Jack Carney, Newschannel6