Electra's Bond Controversy

Electra's Bond Controversy

The nearly 12 million dollar bond in Electra has some voters pushing back the bond.

County officials say the main conflict resides with building the new high school on top of a relatively new park.

Scott Hogue,

Electra's I.S.D. Superintendent,

understands a handful of people are trying to shed a negative light on the bond. He said it's unfortunate because so many people are excited about it.

Hogue said a majority of the park will be moved and resurrected about one hundred yards away from where it currently stands.

"We did that in order to save tax payers money," said Hogue. "We did the best that we could to try and keep the cost as low as we possibly could to be able to sell the bond to the tax payers."

Hogue said the bond passed by 112 votes and believes that's a large margin in comparison to the amount of people that are speaking out against the bond.

"Some people are not going to not be happy when something doesn't go the way that they want it to," said Hogue.

The plan is to spend $1.2 million on renovating Electra's elementary school while spending the rest on relocating the park and building the new high school.

Hogue said building a new high school will give Electra's youth the opportunity to compete against other students from larger schools in the future.

Construction on the new high school is expected to begin November, 2015.

Brody Carter, Newschannel 6