Water Rate Hike For Wichita Falls

Water Rate Hike For Wichita Falls

Wichita Falls water users could be paying as much as $15 more on their water bill by this September. The city council will vote on the increases next week during their regular meeting. It's highly likely the city will approve the increase due because without one the city could possibly be in legal trouble.

"This drought could continue another few years and if that happens, we have no recourse but to generate more money from the amount of water were sold legally we have those obligations," said Wichita Falls Assistant City Manager Jim Dockery.

The city is obligated to pay an annual $1.4 million over the next 30 years to finance bonds for the Wichita Falls permanent water reuse project. The legal language of that bond forces the city to pay off that debt through water rates. The problem is with so many people conserving the city cannot generate enough money to pay those debts as is.

The average water customer will notice their water rates have nearly doubled, but their utility bill will only show a twenty percent increase in price. If the increase is passed Dockery said that someone paying $60 right now will be paying around $74 come September. The increase will mean customers will pay around 46 cents more per day.

Here is a link to the city council website. You can find the water rate increases on pages 28-33

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