Busy Day at Graham City Council

City councilors in Graham met Thursday with a full agenda.

One of the items they talked about was the City's water situation.  Council members decided to wait to purchase a pricey pump.

Recent rain brought 11 inches of water to the two lakes, which provide water for the Texoma town.  Basically, it buys them 45 more days before they have to make a final decision.

During the meeting three new police officers were sworn in.  This brings the total number of officers up to 23. (did graham have no police officers before these 3 were sworn in?)

The new recruits include Grahams first full time female patrol officer Hailey Calcote.  She is a graduate of the Wichita Falls Police Academy.  This is the first time the city of Graham has had a female officer since the early 90's.

The other two new police officers are Richard "Bud" Bumpus and B.J. Cook.

Tony Widner, Graham's Chief of Police said, "Well, we have been short handed for probably about four months when the first opening occurred. As of today, we will be back to a full staff."

One of the new officers has 20 years of experience and the other two are from the area.

After the officers took their oath, the council tackled the budget and other matters.  Today the focus was on the tax base that they adjusted back to the 2011 numbers.  It's giving residents a little bit of a break.

City leaders expect the budget to be adopted on August 28th and put into place on October 1st.