Growing The Market

Growing The Market

The Wichita Falls Farmers Market could be getting a makeover. Tuesday city council will vote on whether or not to spend $134,000 to enclose the market and construct a new roof.

The chamber of commerce said the upgrades could help bring more traffic and in turn bring more businesses to Wichita Falls.

"Continue to enhance the asset that we've already got to make it more functional and usable all year round that's a pretty good deal for us," said Henry Florsheim Chamber CEO.

Florsheim said that people are willing to spend money on a farmers market and fresh produce. Cynthia Laney of Wichita Falls Downtown Development said that the market brings in money not just from city residents, but from other regions of Texoma. Laney said they have been looking for a way to make the market usable year round.

"So we came up with the idea in order to make that a full year round market, we needed to enclose it," said Laney.

It's not just farmers who will benefit from the upgrades, Laney said the city has already been booking the market for art shows and wedding receptions. If the upgrades are approved, then the city could see more people coming to downtown Wichita Falls and using the market for multiple purposes.

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