Fire Challenge, Dangerous Consequences

Wichita Falls, TX - A dangerous game on social media is putting more people at risk of injury or death. 

First, it was the choking game, ice challenge, but now things have heated up. 

On Texoma boy is recovering after he accepted the “Fire Challenge.”

The way it works, people record themselves calling people out and people record themselves responding to the challenge. 

This particular challenge requires participants to rub body spray or alcohol on their body, and then you or someone else light it on fire.

 Devon Amason, of Lawton, took part in the challenge about a month ago. It resulted in him suffering with third degree burns and now is recovering after more than two weeks in the hospital. 

Casandra Sword, a Wichita Falls resident said one of her friends also accepted the challenge, "They sent us a video and he was actually setting himself on fire."

Sword said her friend probably did it for attention and thought it was cool until he experienced the consequences.

“He actually burnt himself, because he didn't realize how much it would affect him,” said Sword.

When I asked people in Texoma, why do they think people do it?

Kaylar Hyde, a prospective Midwestern State University student, quickly responded, "I honestly have no idea why people would set themselves on fire. For entertainment, I guess to prove themselves." 

"For attention and they think that it is cool,” said Sword.

Attention or not, Hyde worries that this trend will encourage even more kids to do it.

“Kids now are starting to do because other kids are doing it, but I hope they realize that he got hurt and that they shouldn't do it," said Hyde.     
Doctors of the boy who suffered burns in Texoma said it could take up to two years for him to fully recover.

Jimmie Johnson, Newschannel 6