Water Rates Could Raise The Price Of Food

Water Rates Could Raise The Price Of Food

City Council is meeting today to discuss increasing your water bill. We met with restaurant owners yesterday to see how the increase will affect them.

Anthony Scott, Owner of four restaurants, including the Hwy Café, Scott's Bar and Grill, Catfish Grill and the Oyster Bar and Grill said the increase will put pressure on all areas of his businesses.

"We wash nothing but full loads and we're in the process of trying to implement more paper products," said Scott.

If rates double, he will pay eight times the amount of what he currently pays on his four restaurants. Scott says if rates increase, something will have to change in order to make up for the cost difference.

"You could start seeing a slight increase on your dinner," said Scott. "Nobody wants to see an increase on anything but the city is forced to do certain increases."

Today is the first of two meetings that will decide the fate of your water rates. If city council decides go ahead with the increase, you can expect to see an almost doubled water bill starting in October.

Brody Carter, Newschannel 6