Highway Shut Down After Deadly Accident

U.S. Highway 82 just west of Mankins is shut down after a deadly accident Tuesday afternoon.

Texas Department of Public Safety Trooper Tony Fulton said the accident happened around 12:00p.m.  He said three trucks were involved in the accident.

Trooper Fulton tells Newschannel 6,  two trucks pulling trailers were headed west on Highway 82.  Another truck was headed east towards Wichita Falls.  The truck that was headed east, crossed the center line and sideswiped the trailer of one of the trucks heading the other direction.  Trooper Fulton said the truck that got hit spun around and hit the truck behind it head on.

Trooper Fulton said one of the trucks heading west burst into flames. The other truck ended up in a ditch.

Newschannel 6 crews on the scene say one person was ejected from their vehicle.  Trooper Fulton said they aren't sure which truck that person was in but, they were flown by a medical helicopter to United Regional in Wichita Falls.

DPS officials confirm that three people were killed in that accident.

DPS, the Holliday Fire Department, Archer County Sheriff's Deputies, and TXDOT are still on the scene investigating the accident.

No names of anyone involved have been released at this time.

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