Stamping Out Hours

The Scotland Post Office will not close, but there will possibly be a reduction of post office hours.

Tuesday evening, the United States Postal Service hosted a post office community meeting for the residents of Scotland to answer any questions and hear comments and concerns regarding possible post office changes.

In June, Scotland residents were given a survey to determine, the hours of the post office, a delivery option, a village post option and a nearby post office option.

Out of the 94 surveys returned, it was determined that the Scotland Post Office will provide six hours of window service each weekday and four hours on Saturday.

Even though the survey determined a reduction of hours at the post office, it will be up to the U.S.P.S. District Manager to make a final decision within 30 days.

This possible post office change had Scotland residents worried about the present and the future as well.

"That's their foot in the door.  They'll evaluate it as he said they have, they determined that maybe six hours is enough.  After that, they'll reevaluate and determine four hours is enough and then reevaluate to two and then reevaluate it closing.  I think that's their ultimate goal.

Smith also believes the Scotland post office is making money, which is a rare commodity in rural areas.

"I think as a good business practice, if something is working then leave it alone. You model those that aren't working as well after those that are working.  I think that's what the post office needs to do," said Smith.

The Scotland Post Office is not the only post office in Texoma that has been affected by changes. In June, the Montague post office also reduced it office hours.

, Newschannel 6