Graham Residents Will Go Back to Stage Three Water Restrictions

Graham residents will go back to stage three water restrictions on Wednesday.

Stage five restrictions will be lifted at 12:00p.m. putting them back to stage three. 

On Tuesday, an electrical issue at the water plant caused a loss of water supply.  This forced the city to enact stage five restrictions.

The Mayor of Graham, Jack Graham said, "Thanks to the cooperation of our citizens, the help of the media, great employees, and local contractors, we have restored normal water service to the City of Graham and our customers.

He also said it was a serious situation.  Residents had to conserve so there would be enough water in case of emergencies.

Stage three restrictions will remain in effect because of the drought.  Lake Graham remains at less than 45-percent of capacity.

Stage three restrictions include law watering restriction to once per week.  Odd addresses can water on Wednesdays and even addresses on Thursdays.  No watering is allowed between 10:00a.m. and 7:00p.m.

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