Bowie Water Fix

About 50 thousand gallons of water have been lost in Bowie thanks to repairs to fix a ruptured pipe.

At 7:00 a.m. Wednesday morning, Bowie residents who are customers of the Amon Carter Water Supply Corporation had their water shut off.

Pam Pound, a manager of the Lakeview Country Store is one of the many Bowie residents in the Amon Carter Lake area who were affected.

"It's been a very big inconvenience.  We've lost several pounds of live bait here.  As far as our cafe goes, it has hurt our business," said Pound.

Pound said, the water being shut off in the area isn't this first time this has happened.

"It's been going on for about two to three weeks here.  We clean the tanks daily and we haven't been able to clean them today because the water has been off all day," said Pound.

"A 14-inch pipe ruptured last Saturday.  We put patches on it, but due to the previous patch that had been done years ago, it was too close, so we had to take out a section of the pipe here," said the Bowie City Manager, Ricky Tow.

City of Bowie workers worked to repair the ruptured pipe in two different locations all day long in the Amon Carter Lake area.

"The other location is down on the bottom of a creek.  That one actually gave us a hole about two weeks ago.  We were able to patch it, but due to the location years ago, it was a section there that hadn't been replaced," said Tow.

When the water is restored for Bowie residents, a boil water order will be in place.

To see the latest updates of the repairs to the pipe and water restoration in Bowie, go to the Amon Water Supply Corp. website by clicking


, Newschannel 6