WC Sheriffs To Testify in Tennessee

Wichita County officials will be headed to court in Tennessee.

Donna Johnson has filed a $500,000 lawsuit against Wichita County, Sheriff David Duke, and a TeTennesseeetention Center. 

Three years ago Wichita County hired Johnson to do photography work.  She was hired to take pictures of deputies and officers.  Sheriff Duke said she took money from the officers and others for the pictures, but never delivered the pictures.

She was arrested in November 2011 on a fugitive warrant out of Wichita County for felony theft charges.  However, those charges were later dropped.

Johnson claims while she was at the detention center in Tennessee, she was hog-tied, punched, and kicked.  However, according to a corrections corporation of America spokesman, there is no evidence to support her claim.

On Friday, Wichita County Commissioners will hold a special meeting strictly about the expenses the sheriff and others will need to travel to Tennessee to testify.