Building Business

A North Carolina brick company will soon have a new home in Clay County, bringing with it 40 new jobs.

The reason the Triangle Brick Company is coming to Clay County is because of the mixture of clay and sand in the area which is needed for the brick manufacturing process.

As far as economic development goes, Henrietta and Clay County officials are excited.

"We're excited for Triangle Brick to be coming to our community," said Henrietta City Administrator, Kelley Bloodworth.

"We're very excited.  It absolutely will be the biggest thing that we've been blessed with in the history of Clay County,” said Henrietta Economic Development Director, Rick Langford.

The Triangle Brick Company is expecting to break ground at the end of 2014 along Highway 287 in the Bellevue School District area, about 10 miles south Henrietta.

"We should be producing good quality bricks in the first part of 2016.  We look forward to being out here.  Every house out here is made out of brick, so a brick guy has got to love that,” said Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of the Triangle Brick Company, Howard Brown.

"We need jobs and we think this is a good place to do business," said Langford.

"It will be a great impact economically for the city, for people coming in eating for shopping, buying groceries, housing,” said Bloodworth.

Knowing about Texoma's ongoing drought, the Triangle Brick Company already has a plan for conserving water.

"Our first and foremost way of getting water for the plant would be to capture any runoff from the site and we plan on doing that by having a large storage tank at the bottom of a hill.  Then, all of our roof drains and storm drains will all be connected to centralized piping which takes it to this storage pod," said Brown.

If there is not enough water in the storage pod, there will be three wells on site.  About 30,000 gallons of water will be used a day, five days a week.

The Rogers-O'Brien Company of Dallas has been selected as contractors for construction of the Triangle Brick Company's Clay County location.

TxDot will be playing a role in the construction process, doing all of the road improvements, turning lanes and widening certain portions of the road.

, Newschannel 6