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Better Border Bill

Better Border Bill

Republican U.S. Congressman Mac Thornberry spent the first week off from Capitol Hill at the Texas/Mexico border getting a first hand look at border crisis. Immigration reform continues to be one the nations biggest political issues that have yet to be addressed with a joint bill passed by the House and Senate.

"Well, it has been hard getting everybody to come together, especially on a topic as controversial as immigration," said Congressman Thornberry.

One of the biggest contributors to the border crisis is the amount of children that are attempting to come into the United States illegally. Congressman Thornberry is one of the many members of the Republican lead congressional House that stayed  and burned the midnight oil last Friday in order to pass their own immigration reform bill.

"We have an immediate crisis of these waves upon wave of minors that are coming across our border and so, this bill says that they have got to be sent back promptly that were going to put more resources on the border including paying for the National Guard," said Thornberry.

Even if security at the border is beefed, up there are still many who will try to illegally cross into the country. Congressman Thornberry said that the border will never be 100% secure, but at the same time the U.S. must learn to better control who comes into the country.

"I think we have got to have better security at the border. We also have to reform the legal immigration system so that people who want to come here to work to contribute have an easier time of coming here right now we make it way too hard," said Congressman Thornberry.

The Texoma Congressman went on to explain that the countries current "lottery" system needs to be done away with. Only immediate family reunification and not extended family reunification should be allowed. The immigration system has not been updated in years, Congressman Thronberry said the time is now.

Jack Carney, Newschannel6

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