New Forecast Model Gives City More Time

New Forecast Model Gives City More Time
Record low temperatures and rainfall in July may have bought the city of Wichita Falls more time before going dry.

"July was a God send for us. We needed that break,” said Russell Schreiber, Wichita Falls Director of Public Works.

The city is currently in stage five drought restrictions. At last check in early spring, Freese and Nichols,Inc., an engineering firm based out of Forth Worth models projected the city would run out of water by June of next year.

"With that rainfall and having the reuse project online, we basically bought ourselves at least several months of additional supply,” said Schreiber

The firm’s models are based on a formula of 2011 climatic conditions; the city of Wichita Falls driest year on record.

“It was a hot, hot, and hot. It was unrelenting. That was just a brutal year,” said Schreiber.

Schreiber hopes weather during the fall will bring some relief and it’s just the start to turning the corner on the drought.

"They're predicting a wet fall with elnino,” said Schreibr.”I hope they're correct."

However, Schreiber realizes the lakes need more than just a wet fall to get out of the drought.

"It's going to take above normal rainfall to pull us completely out and refill our reservoirs to substantial volumes, normal rainfall. I’ll take that,” said Schrieber.

Jimmie Johnson, Newschannel 6