Experience, Conditioning Key for Munday

After a state championship run in 2012, the Munday Moguls lost most of their starters on both sides of the ball, only returning two starters in 2013.

Needless to say, they were mostly young and inexperienced last season, but after a slow start they recovered to go 6-6 and reach the second round of the playoffs.
Now, with twelve games under their belts, they are one of the more experienced teams in the area, returning twelve starters. Coach Patrick Corcoran expects that experience will be a huge boost for them in 2014.
"[They got] that experience of getting to play in twelve games, get a little bit of playoffs underneath their belt," Corcoran said. "They had seen great things happen before; it's a little different when you're the man responsible. They should have learned a lot from that and helped heighten their expectations this year of where they want to be, and now understand how you get there."
"We have more experience this year," said senior lineman Mitchell Lowrance. "We had those young kids playing last year, and they're back. They're still young, but they have the experience to play well."
A big emphasis for Munday is winning the fourth quarter, and with that comes a lot of conditioning. But the players accept that and say their goal is to be in better shape than the opposing team late in games.
"We do a lot of conditioning out here," Lowrance said. That's always why we're good in the fourth quarter and great late in the year, because we're always out here running."
"They play both ways," Corcoran said. "They have to be able to execute in the fourth quarter, and not worry about being tired. So that's just something we like to focus in on early here in the season."
Senior quarterback Alfonso Nunez says part of his role during conditioning drills is leadership, not letting any teammates fall behind.

"You've just got to be there for the team, you know? Bring them up whenever they're feeling down," Nunez said. "When they don't want to go anymore, you've just got to be there for them. Help them get stronger, and to push through."
The Moguls will hope that conditioning pays off, starting with their first game of the season, when they visit longtime rival Windthorst August 29th. In 18 all-time meetings between the teams, Munday holds a razor-thin lead, with a 9-8-1 record.
Munday Moguls 2014 Schedule
Aug. 29 Munday at Windthorst, 7
Sep. 5 at Stamford, 7:30
Sep. 12 at Bronte, 7
Sep. 19 vs Quanah, 7:30
Sep. 27 vs Memphis, 7 (Saturday)
Oct. 3 BYE
Oct. 10 vs Hamlin*, 7
Oct. 17 at Electra*, 7
Oct. 24 vs Petrolia*, 7
Oct. 31 at Seymour*, 7
Nov. 7 vs Haskell*, 7
*District 7-2A Div. II game