Tax-Free Frenzy

Wichita Falls, TX -- Many shoppers in Texoma are spending their tax-free weekend doing ‘Back-to-School Shopping.’

Parking lots were busy and cash registers were ringing Friday as Texomans hit the stores to take full advantage of the state's sales tax-free weekend.

"Every dime you can save helps out a lot," Tonya Ellington.   

The Texas state Comptroller estimates shoppers will save about $83 million in local sales tax during the entire weekend.

That's roughly $8 for every $100 spent. Many shoppers Newschannel 6 talked to say every little bit helps.

Mari Edmonds, a Texoma mother used Friday to do some back-to- school shopping.  Edmonds said she has to shop for five children.

"You got to get the deals why you can, because they're going to be gone," said Edmonds. They were shopping for "new school clothes," because of changes in uniforms at local schools.

The National Retail Federation expects the average family with children in grades K-12 will spend around $600 this year on back to school items.  

And some shoppers out on Friday were hoping to find some deals and save a little this year.

"We're just school shopping. We're from Oklahoma. We missed the tax-free weekend last weekend so we come down to Texas," said Holly Piatt, a single mother of one daughter.

"Every little bit that I can save helps," said Piatt.

Tonya Ellington, a parent of three said she has one kid attending school this upcoming fall, but understands school shopping can be costly.

"For people who have three, four, five kids they have to shop this weekend to save every dime they can," said Ellington.

For a complete list of items that are tax free this weekend, visit the Texas Comptroller's


, Newschannel 6