18 Months of Construction in Wichita Falls Starts Monday

18 Months of Construction in Wichita Falls Starts Monday

Construction on Southwest Parkway and McNiel Avenue begins this week and will continue for another 18 months.

Construction crews are bringing in signs Monday morning to kick of the $6.5 million project. The first of five phases begins on Southwest Parkway and Moffett Avenue.

Project Manager and Storm Water Engineer, Jeff Hill, said the plan is to tackle the project two blocks at a time.

"The goal of this project is to stop flooding that occurs along residential homes," said Hill. "So we've teamed up together to minimize impact on the traveling public. The problem with this project is it's just so confined and constrained."

Monday and Tuesday, construction crews are setting up signs that will guide traffic during construction and Wednesday is when construction is expected to begin.

"The TxDOT portion is to put that channel in boxes and create a right run lane off of Southwest Parkway," said Hill. "The city's portion is to put large boxes up McNiel to catch a lot of that rain fall that's been flooding those houses down there and get it into big pipes and put it down Southwest Parkway. The problem with that area is it's just so flat."

We called Russell Schreiber, Director of Public Works to ask if a $4 million dollar flood project was a good idea during our stage five drought.

"No," said Schreiber.

The money came from an enterprise fund that is collected from each resident paying their monthly $3.55 storm water charge. Four million dollars later, the city begins their construction.