Historical Petition In Electra To Remove City Official

Historical Petition In Electra To Remove City Official

Electra has made history with a petition to recall an elected official from office. A representative, from the Straight Shooters of Electra, hand delivered a signed petition to the Electra City Hall on August 11, 2014.

The petition was to recall Margie Bentley Scott from her current position of Electra City Commissioner Place 2.

"We feel that the recall of Margie Bentley Scott, from the city commission, will be a step toward better leadership in our city," said Edna Talley, a representative for the Straight Shooters.

Talley said problems have been on-going in the city, and it's time to take action, and make changes.

In May 2014 residents voted to add an initiative to the city’s charter. That initiative allows the residents to recall any elected city official. This is the first time the city will call upon the new revised charter to support their petition. 

"Now that we have the right of recall we decided to use it to try and remedy this situation," said Tally.

In order for the petition to be accepted it needed 20 percent of registered city voter's signatures. Electra currently has 591 voters, so they need 118 signatures.

They received 146 total signatures after they started the petition June 23rd. The group had 130 days from the first signature to turn in the petition. However, getting the signatures only took the group a little longer than 30 days. 

Talley said the Straight Shooters have approached the commissioners is the past, at an attempt to resolve problems.

"We have approached the commissioners on many occasions for their consideration on certain issues, those of which have been ignored," said Talley.

Scott was elected into office in May of 2013. Her term would be up in 2015, unless voter end it early.

“She has been one of the leaders promoting some of these issues that we feel are detrimental to the city,” said Talley.  

Some of those issues mentioned were runaway spending, and the dismantling of the Electra Police force, according to Tally.

"There are more issues than one, and it's just been building up and building up," said Talley.

They hope this recall will be a solution to their on-going problems.

"To break up the voting clique that they have, that they are not considering what's best for Electra," said Talley.

The next step for city officials is to verify all signatures. All signatures must come from city residents and registered voters. Once verified the recall will go on the November ballots for a final decision from residents.

Brittany Costello, Newschannel 6