Another Round? Part Of Young County Will Vote On Alcohol

Another Round? Part Of Young County Will Vote On Alcohol

Part of Young County will soon vote on whether or not to allow the sale of beer and wine. Those who live in Precinct 1, mostly Graham and Southbend, will be the only ones voting on the issue. It's the first time Young County has held an election since 1939.

"It is the same spot that they would vote for the general election. It's a joint election so they will all vote in the same places," said Lauren Sullivan, Young County Elections Administrator.

Mike Elmore helped bring the issue to the ballot by collecting signatures in order to petition for an election.

"We wanted to spread it out a little bit and give everybody a chance to vote," said Elmore.

Elmore argues that it is unfair that those in southern Young county are unable to obtain alcohol unless they drive to another county.

"If we can stop this crazy drive that people are having to do, if we can turn right back around and be able to keep our tax money right here, I think it's the smartest thing to do," said Elmore.

Ronnie Robertson disagrees with Elmore. Robertson said that there have been members of his family that have been affected by alcohol.

"I'm just against it, I can see what it does to families. I've seen what it does to communities and I don't want our kids exposed to it," said Robertson.

He worries that bringing alcohol would mean children in the community would have a higher temptation to test alcohol and eventually abuse it.

"If you want education for these kids, if that is really what your main concern is, the TABC will bring that in here. I think we ought to see what accidents look like when there is alcohol involved," said Elmore.

Robertson countered back by saying that it's not worth the risk. Elmore said kids in Graham are already at risk by making alcohol something of a taboo.

Early voting will begin on October 20th and continue through October 31st of this year. The general election will be held November 4th, 2014.

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